Mission Action Planning

The PCC have committed to using the principles of 'Mission Action Planning' to prayerfully review our missional activities at St. Luke's. A small group has been formed that will consult deeply with the various groups involved in missional activities within St. Luke's. The purpose of this will be to make recommendations to PCC has to how we, as a church body, can be more effective in our missional outreach to the community. 

The current MAP report that has been presented to PCC can be viewed here:-



At St. Luke's our vision is to be a church across all ages and giftings.
As we come together as the body of Christ, our vision is to “know Jesus and make Him known”. With the Bible as the basis for our faith and understanding of God’s desire for mankind, we aim to share the love that God has for everyone and share the good news of the Gospel. All this would be impossible were it not for the guidance and empowering of the Holy Spirit.
We believe that God has called St. Luke’s to be a family church, one that includes people of all ages, from the very young to the very old.
Every age group has their own particular needs and worship styles so we try hard to build different forms of ministry for different age groups. Take a look through some of the other pages of our site to discover some of these forms of ministry.