Open the Book


Just Think…

Children in our primary schools are no longer hearing bible stories. Can you imagine not knowing about David, Jonah, Samuel or even Jesus? There needs to be a fresh input into schools to bring back these stories, and help children learn more about the bible.

Let’s Open The Book

Open The Book provides a solution. Open The Book has several volenteer teams that go into schools and present the bible in new and fun ways. The teams use drama, and as well as acting themselves will get the children, and even the teachers involved too! These stories from the bible are presented in 10-15 minute slots, so that they can fit in with a schools assembly times. They aim to go in every week if possible, otherwise they go in fortnightly. So thanks to Open The Book we can re-teach children bible stories in a fun and lively way.

Open The Book At St Luke’s

St Luke’s has a small team that takes Open The Book to both Moorlands infant and junior schools every fortnight. As well as this one of our members, Peter LeRoy, is the chair and a trustee of the Open The Book Charity.
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Illustrations taken from The Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman and Krisztina Nagy, published by Lion Hudson plc, 2008. Used with permission of Lion Hudson plc.