Fireworks - St Luke's Sunday Groups


All Together

On the Sundays that Lighthouse isn’t happening, after a short while the children (under 11s) can go out to their own groups which take place in the upper rooms of the Church Centre. Parents are welcome to take the children over if they wish (especially if you are new or visiting) and then come back to the main service. On some Sundays the children will come back before the end of the service so that we can all have communion together.

Each session starts with an activity with all ages together, followed by the week's bible story. the groups then split into two ages.

Sparklers (0-4) 

Sparklers is similar to a creche, after the story and crafts there is plenty of un-structured free-play. Sparklers meets upstairs in the Church Centre. We want to encourage you to drop off your children in sparklers and return to the main service, safe in the knowledge that your children will be looked after and will have lots of fun!

Rockets (5-11) 

Rockets is for 5-11s. Rockets aims to provide teaching, discipleship and worship appropriate for a 5-11 age range. Rockets is about growing in understanding about Jesus, the bible and christian faith as well as experiencing and deepening a personal relationship with Jesus. Rockets does this in a fun way through stories, illustrations, puzzles, crafts and group discussions